About Me

Hello There. Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. My main hobbies are computers, be it learning computer languages or tinkering with some hardware, basketball, and reading. You can either catch me at Barnes Nobles either reading or messing with my computer or you can catch me at the park playing basketball.


I graduated from Texas State with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathamatics back in 2007


  • Neubus(2006 - 2010)

    I started as an intern and then was hired as a Software Developer once I graduated. As a Software Developer, I was in charge of creating new applications, debugging current applications and providing technical support to many state agencies.

  • Pervasive(2010 - Present)

    At Pervasive, I am a Web Developer who currently works on DNN. I design modules written in C# to be used through out the company's websites. I implement Jquery, HTML and CSS changes as well to current websites on a daily basis. I've worked with Database migrations involving data from a Drupal site to a DNN site.

    Some of the websites I mainly work on are:


Independent Developer


Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Sports industry

January 2011August 2011 (8 months) Austin, Texas Area

I was hired to create a data feed program that would upload various feeds to different search engines such as google, amazon and yahoo. I wrote the data feed program in Java since I had a windows laptop and the individual, who hired me, had a mac. I also did a lot of style changes so that the website would look presentable across all four major browsers (firefox, IE8+, Safari and Chrome).

Independent Contractor


March 2012April 2012 (2 months) Austin

I was hired to work on this rails app and create a feature that would allow admins better access to their users. The individual who hired me had hired two developers who created the rails app and had it hosted on heroku.com. However, they had no source control. I placed the rails source code on github and it can be found on GitHub.